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Grape Expectations Grape Ale, Rocky Ridge x Orh Gao Taproom, 5% ABV


Orh Gao's celebrating it's 5th anniversary and so there was simply no excuse to not join in the celebrations. It might've been 5 years but it may as well have been 50 because not only was the turnout in celebrating the occasion great, but it was also filled with folks who love the iconic Singaporean taproom - friends, fans, partners, ex-staff members; everyone turned up in droves despite the rainy weather to give cheers to the craft beer haven that many have called the stopover before home.

Orh Gao has been such a massive supporter of the craft beer scene, always open to showcasing emerging or legendary, local or foreign, IPA or stout, craft beer brands alike. To its fans it's always a place to hang out and relax, have some nice upscaled Singaporean food, and either have a chat with a friend or even just mind one's own business - and if you're ever caught without company that you're looking for, the folks at the bar are always happy to talk to you.



There's always this sense of authenticity and if you're a follower of their Instagram, you'll quickly see that Orh Gao makes no apologies for itself - always embracing its outgoing, fun, edgy and lively personality (as is custom at its anniversary parties, all are welcome to chug a pint of craft beers with their tops off - you've just gotta be there).

It never feels like just any craft beer bar, it always feels like a personality of its own - one that will just as much always embrace you. The taproom is itself the friend you always wish you had at the bar. 



And so on this fine Saturday evening, I got myself over and had to try their anniversary brew - a grape ale by Rocky Ridge in collaboration with Orh Gao. The beer itself, Grape Expectations, is a beer-wine hybrid brewed with 225 litres of Sauvignon Blanc Semillon juice from the Margaret River area in Western Australia, and hopped with Super Sauvin infused with Phantasm.

The producer, Rocky Ridge, is a 5th generation family farm in Western Australia that not only produces beer but also grows its own hops. The brewery has always had a good relationship with Singapore's craft beer scene, so it's not a surprised that they've been tapped to create Orh Gao's 5th anniversary brew.

Now with all that said, all that's left to do is TAH! Orh Gao Wansui!

Grape Expectations Grape Ale, Rocky Ridge x Orh Gao Taproom, 5% ABV - Review


Tasting Notes

Color: Honey Water

Aroma: It's got a gentle scent - honey, wheat, light malt, green grape, chardonnay - lightly sweet. A deep inhale finds a fragrant greenhouse hoppiness and leafyness. 

Taste: Medium-bodied with a full flavour of light tartness, honey, bright green grape juice and champagne - it's clean and uncomplicated but also full. It's got this effervescent quality that makes it champagne-esque, except it's not as bright and is also alittle more yeasty and bready.

Finish: More maltiness and wheat, before the heaps of barley sugars hit - clean and refreshing. Final bits of light honey and wheat.


My Thoughts

This was a really sessionable and perfect celebratory beer because it felt like the beer equivalent of champagne. It's light and easy to drink but has a satisfyingly full flavour whilst being uncomplicated and tasty. It's alittle heavier on the green grape juice than natural champagne, and also not as bright, and is also alittle more yeasty. It feels like a cross between champagne and a unpasteurised ale.

I really like the full-bodied flavour paired with the light and effervescent quality of it - super tasty and easy to drink, well-balanced body, nice clean finish. 

To many more years Orh Gao!