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Equilibrium Brewery Vulgar Display Of Flower x Pantera Planet Caravan


Ticking over 1,000 friends has us reaching for heavy-hitting tunes and brews, with the brew being a beautiful play on words.
The next pick is Pantera’s amazingly heavy and melodic “Far Beyond Driven”, which was their seventh release. The album was released when grunge was still at the height of its popularity, but the members looked down the death of heavy metal and emerged triumphant, leading every generation of heavy music out of the thick fog of grunge and forward into the 21st century.
Most music writers at the time had but declared that Heavy Metal was dead and gone. “Our top priority with Far Beyond Driven was to make a balls-out, heavy-metal record with no compromising,” former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo tells Rolling Stone. “I think we pretty much did it.”
The uncompromising nature of this album stood out brilliantly against everything else. The songs on the album cover subjects such as Phil Anselmo’s vulnerability whilst suffering from crippling back pain (I’m Broken), a guy wanting five minutes alone with Anselmo after his son got beaten up at a concert. There is also a nod to Nick Cave (Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills), and the song "25 Years", one of Pantera's most personal songs" is about Phil Anselmo's father. There is also an amazing cover of the Black Sabbath classic “Planet Caravan”.
Now the beer really needed to be an aggressive yet balanced assault on the senses, just like this album that hits you between the eyes and doesn’t let up. Equilibrium Brewery have brewed the perfect brew with their Imperial IPA “Vulgar Display Of Flower” We get the dry, bitter, piny, resinous, yet smooth, juicy and drinkable excellence described in this beer. The thick, smooth, juicy and floral notes and flavours in this beer are going along perfectly with the tight playing on this album, the aggressive lyrics and the always amazing guitar work from Dimebag Darrell.
Album: Pantera – Far Beyond Driven
Highlight: I’m Broken
Gem: Planet Caravan
Beer Pairing: Equilibrium Brewery Vulgar Display Of Flower

Image Courtesy of @trooper.beers.tunes



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