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Yoichi 20 Year Old, d.1990, 50% abv.



According to the label, this bottle was made from 4 different types of malt whisky distilled in 1990. These go for quite the pretty penny on secondary. Had this at the beginning of 2019.

Nose: full bodied, brown sugar, sweet version of a fermented seafood sauce that I found as a dipping sauce in South Korea (첫갈), mostly light dark maple syrup actually, floral honey (are there other types?) in the back, no smoke related elements.

Palate: light to medium bodied, initial palate is light sugar, mid palate has a spicey tartness/sourness develop or citrus, but perhaps extreme yuzu and limes, certain types of clam shells, whiffs of dry smoke?, more brown sugar, man the peat is quite weak here, back palate has a browned rice kinda flavor, sweet rust on the frying pan, a strong amount of vanilla and milk chocolate, a strong flash of smoke. Overall, these flavors don't seem to last.

Finish: medium, a little dry, brown sugar juice, and that's about it.

A very interesting pour where the main body was a brown sugar syrup, but the back palate was vanilla and milk chocolate, at least those were the memorable parts. After having other pours simultaneously, I noticed this pour doesn't hold up as the flavors just disappear, like paper. I think its because this bottle has been nurtured for awhile.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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