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Suntory Single Cask Whisky 1998 Yamazaki , 1998-2013, Sherry Butt no. CM 70012, Bottle no. 243, 54% abv.




Had this in 2018, after a row of Mac 25s and 30s.

Nose: caramel, honey, strong sherry flavors, raisins everywhere, sour syrup, later on a sour grass aroma.

Palate: does not taste like 54% abv, initial palate is tart/sharp, warm sour fruit juice, mid palate is quite tart/sour, acidic, vinegar, sour fruits, back palate has the expired sherry flavors appear, soft wood, vegetable stems like broccoli or mustard green. Extremely flavorful. The expired sherry comes up earlier and earlier with each sip, also becomes slightly dry.

Finish: resinous wood, wet steamed old lotus leaves, a dry sherry.

Wow this one was different. The nose was initially more sweet, more on the caramel and heavy body side, but the taste was essentially sour grass and light sherry juice with fruits. The expired sherry does rear its head from time to time, but the intensity of the sour flavors and syrup sweetness appear to mask or overtake it.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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