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Suntory Single Cask Whisky 1996 Yamazaki, 1996-2011, Ohmi Aging Cellar, Sherry Butt no. AX 70015, Bottle no. 264, 59% abv.



Had this in 2018, after a row of Mac 25s and 30s, and the Yama CM 70012 posted previously.

Nose: intense sherry, major dried fruits, earthy, coffee grinds, fermented vegetables

Palate: intense, complex, dry, initial palate is super sweet, like squeezed strawberry and lemon jam, mid palate has the spice develop, intense sherry, extra dry fruit jam, back palate has some wet old steamed lotus leaves, spicey. Essentially sherry honey. The expired wet old steamed lotus leaves flavor becomes more prevalent with time.

Finish: medium, dry, sherry, dried fruit juice, a little spicey, a feeling of placing some cooking spices and a little bit like suddenly putting ice cubes on your tongue.

This was one of the more intense Yamazakis I've had. Super sherry with some expired aspects here and there, a variety of spices, earthy, and elements of coffee grinds. Can't tell if its the abv or the spice. A little rough, but an excellent flavor profile. Best of everything I had tonight. Going to have to be conservative.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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