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Tomatin 23 Year Old, 1966-1990, Signatory, Cask no. 9250-9253, 1091/1300, 46% abv



Nose: fruity, red fruits, light wood.

Palate: medium body, initial palate has that light fruit and wood, mid palate has a more dirty sherry, hints of fruit, hints of that lotus leaf, honey, heavy caramel, not sure why a Tomatin would have that, back palate has more lotus leaves, herbal tea leaves, some fruit residue.

Finish: short, red fruit residue, heavy caramel residue, sherry residue, more vines and the secondary heavy sherry flavors of vines and earth and wax.

General conglomerate of "old" flavors, stuff you see in the senior citizens of the whisky bottle community. Quite nice, but couldn't tell it was that kind of Tomatin. So far 60s Tomatin has been hit or miss for me. I think something happened in the 70s that changed everything for them.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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