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The Hakushu, Green Eggs and Ham, 34 Years Old


I was so happy to help @alligator_char
get a few cases of this very special whisky. According to Hakushu Master Blender Sir Uzumaki Naruto Esq. M.S. PhD. HKG., these special 34 year Hakushu were on a cargo ship from Japan to Taiwan, but sank in Antarctica. The sudden martian like freezing temperatures forced the Antarctic Hokkaido sea urchins commonly seen on Archives to start opening and eating the cargo, of which contained a box of green eggs and ham personally sealed by Dr. Seuss herself. With green residue on their tiny sea urchin mouths, they attempted to feed on the last surviving bottles of Hakushu.... only the older bottles survived. With an original bottle count of only 345 bottles, where only 36 survived, this is a definite collectors item. Pictured is bottle #509, "Green Eggs and Ham".


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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