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Suntory Gold Blended, 42.0% abv



Last parts of a special bars anniversary. Real bottlekill. Not much information on this one other than it was made at Yamazaki. There is another bottling with a similar name, but this one seems to be the rarer of the two, not sure as they are from the 60s. These older Suntory bottles aren't known for quality, but do present the history of Japanese whisky and its development into a powerhouse nowadays.

Nose: honey, oats, minerals, a weird eclectic mix to be honest, but common for those old Suntory bottlings.

Palate: light body, very sweet, honey,  marshmallows, evidence of a bourbon cask all over, quite strong for a blended whisky though. Not a lot to going on, but it has great depth... whatever that means.

Finish: medium to long, candy, jolly rancher, very sweet overall.

This was a surprise in the sense that I had no idea this existed. The flavors weren't spectacular and followed the bourbon cask profile in a more stringent fashion. I didn't have enough, but I'll judge on what I have.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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