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Port Charlotte 14 Year Old, 2004-2018, The Whiskyfind, Chen Uen's Romance of the Three Kingdoms, D'yquem cask no. 1052, 304 bottles, 53.7% abv.



Had this in 2019, but after a cocktail I believe.

Nose: moderate peat smoke, light white sugar, a sour burnt plastic note, light metals mostly nickel.

Palate: medium body, a little powdery, initial palate is sour, sharp, mid palate is quite mellow with the sugar but has a sour rubber flavor, back palate shows the major burnt wood, the peat smoke, the burnt tires, and it's borderline overwhelming. Awesome, this sour and Islay flavor set is definitely hitting all my spots.

Finish: a sweet peat smoke and burnt wood, some metal.

Wow this one was quite potent, much better than most PCs out there and all on the back palate, seems to have a sour and slightly sweet set throughout the tasting. This PC made me think of older Laphroaig Cairdeas, that intensity and character. I have no idea how a famous sauternes cask influenced it though. I will be quite conservative here. Love this one.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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