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Midleton Very Rare 1993, Serial no. 12217.


Midleton very rare 1993, serial no. 12217.
Irish whiskey produced annually by Irish Distillers. A blend of triple distilled mature pot still and grain whiskey (I heard this is the standard "premium" Irish whiskey production process nowadays though) that have been matured in ex-bourbon barrels, hand selected by Master Distiller emeritus, Barry Crockett. The history of this product line is pretty interesting (readily available online) and has won several awards along the way.
Nose: maple syrup, hint of sherry, raisins.
Palate: light wood, slightly warm, earthy.
Finish: extremely short, hint of coffee, no spice, no sweetness, no smoke.

Reminds me of an unrefined Edradour, missing that oomph. Simple, not much going on, nose, taste, and finish aren't very memorable. I might have enjoyed it if it was perhaps blended at a high cask strength.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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