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Macallan 1997, 18 Years Old, The Whisky Agency, 49.1% ABV



Macallan 1997 / 2016 - 18 years old - The Whisky Agency - Cask # 13404 - 49.1% ABV
Nose: Milk chocolate, cereals, citrus, orange peels, apples, roses, peaches and some vanilla. (22/25)
Palate: Toffee, malty, dried candied fruits, ginger, pineapples, citrons, lemons and cherries. (23/25)
Finish: Long. More gingerly, freshness of orange peels from the nose lingering to the end with nutmeg and pepper after taste. (22/25)
Overall: Very fine but not excellent, perhaps not quite the same implausible fruitiness that’s to be found in slightly earlier vintages. (21/25)


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