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Ledaig 21 Year Old, The Whiskyfind, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Sherry hogshead no. 800053, 312 bottles, 55.5% abv



Supposedly distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2018.

Nose: initially heavy peat smoke but it fades quite quickly, honey, apples, figs, apple juice, what happened to the peat?

Palate: initial palate has some warmed cherries, mid palate has some sweet wood, hints of smoke, gets really sweet with time, back palate has more smoke, bitter wood. There is some wet old steamed lotus leaves/tannins in there as well, sign of too much sherry? Gets sweet with time. Strange.

Finish: medium to long, a little fruity but more towards sherry, smoke residual, rubber, honey, bitter wood smoke coating the tongue, did the peat transform?

Quite different! Almost welcome the flavor profile in the current whisky environment. However I think it focuses a little in the wrong direction. Again another strange one, nose changed significantly throughout, body is a variety of sweet sherry, wood, smoke and then there is lots of bitterness on the end. But I seriously appreciate the strength of flavors throughout.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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