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Kilkerran 8 years CS, b.2017, Batch 1, 56.2% abv.


Kilkerran 8 years CS, b.2017, Batch 1, 56.2% abv.

An 8 year ex-bourbon barrel matured whisky from Glengyle distillery under the Kilkerran label. A bottle count of about 9,000.

Nose: sweet, deep red partially-mushed cherries, red fruits, red apples, apple cider. Surprisingly no strong wood or earthy notes I expect from a campbeltown malt.

Palate: extreme sour tobacco, earth, sour wood, young tofu flavors. Sourness increases over time. That typical Campbeltown taste!

Finish: short to medium length, oaky, bitter sourness on the tongue.

Dry glass is wax.

The nose is pretty good, but everything else isn't up my alley. Pretty extreme earthy, young tofu, tobacco flavors that I'm not into, but I can appreciate the quality. After eating chocolate, the flavors become more extreme, especially that young tofu flavor... if you ever put your nose over a vat of unsweetened coagulating tofu and let it penetrate your tongue via nostrils, you'll understand... or just eat lightly stir fried tofu sheets... similar taste. So far, this is the most flavorful from Campbeltown range that I've tried.


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Eric Yee

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