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Kilkerran 12 Years Old, 46% abv.


Kilkerran 12, 46% abv.

A lightly peated Campbeltown matured in a combination of 70% bourbon casks and 30% Sherry casks.

Nose: wood with a sweet cherry at the end. Gets sweeter with time to the point where there is very little wood. Light on the abv. Nice after letting it breathe. These notes seem to disappear after a few sips.

Palate: spicy on the lips (maybe my lips are really dry this dry winter?), oily, mostly wood, I swear there is a slight peat influence (didn't know it was lightly peated before tasting), Campbeltown shows up after some time.

Finish: short, dry, some wood, a little bitter, like forest shrubbery.

Dry glass: a mix of wood and honey in a wax container.

It's not bad, not too impressive either. It's younger brother at cask strength was really good as it was tasty and didn't have that Campbeltown taste that I'm not a fan of.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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