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Kawasaki, 29 year old, Whisky Live Tokyo 2011



Kawasaki 29 year old, Whisky Live Tokyo 2011.

Kawasaki is considered the sister distillery to Karuizawa and produced grain whiskies with a supposedly 90% corn mashbill. Unfortunately, times were rough and the distillery closed because the new owners (Kirin) weren't interested in whisky (but now they produce at 富士御殿場, talk about poor business decisions. I wonder if they regret that decision now). Ichiro Akuto (Ichiro's Choice) bought the remaining stock at Karuizawa and Kawasaki and released them over time. Only 674 bottles for this 2011 release! Had this shot at @sexyfishbar in London.

Nose: smooth honey, definite sherry notes, which with some time changes to honey.

Palate: tofu honey, liquid seems like some honey.

Finish: beautiful notes of sweetness. Dry glass is wood honey.

This is a really good drink.... I think I'm developing a taste for these "grain" whiskies.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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