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Jura Heavily Peated, 27 Years Old


Jura heavily peated 27, Signatory Vintage Cask Stength Collection, 1989, Bourbon barrel no. 30743, 13/168, 58.2% abv.

Nose: bourbon notes? Depending on "nosing technique" floranl hints, bbq honey. But with a simple nose over juice, mouth open, slowly-paced inhalation, medium distance, I get light honey-wood confusion, polished wood, everything light.

Palate: light on taste, intense sour wood upon swallowing.

Finish: short.

Am I drunk?!?! Very strange, the whole time it didn't feel like 58.2% abv. No sweetness, no salt, no extreme bitterness, no smoke, not heavily peated, not much going on. Nose was the most interesting. Too light for age.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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