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Islay (Bowmore) 33 Year Old, 1985-2019, The Whiskyfind, Chen Uen's Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Cognac Cask Finish, 3600 bottles, 46.8% abv.



Had this at Whiskytalk Fukuoka 2019. One of those secret Islays, but marketed as Bowmore.

Nose: sweet, waxy, grassy, floral, unexpected for a Bowmore.

Palate: light to medium body, initial palate is cool, mint jelly, mid palate extends on the mint jelly and adds spice, honey, a sort of fruit cognac jelly, hints of peat, back palate has more peat, burnt oats, smoked wood, but all these smoked or burnt elements are quite light. Not a strong "violets" or fwp element in here.

Finish: short, wood, light fruit, honey mostly, hints of peat.

This was a very light Islay malt, supposedly Bowmore according to the bottler. Seems younger than it should be. The peat does seem to leave a weird aftertaste that seems to influence everything else.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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