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Glenmorangie Signet, 46% abv.


Glenmorangie Signet, 46% abv.

Part of Glenmorangie's Prestige Range, the Signet is a blend of a variety of malts of varying age, of which Glenmorangie says contain some of their oldest spirits. Although the composition is shrouded in secrecy, people in industry say some specials casks were involved, such as a Missouri "based" oak (i.e. Astar?) as well as a roasted "chocolate" malt.

Nose: honey, blackberries, blueberries, black currant?, after a little bit I get boiled peanuts, a background of other nuts (e.g. cashews, walnuts), different.

Palate: a little viscous, thick, presence of dried fruit, light herbs, body seems to be like lightly sour coffee, ethiopian blend; do I taste chocolate?! the beginning of a light british tea, hints of wood, dry cotton, luckily very little oak and old steamed wet lotus leaves.

Finish: short to moderate, a little dry but less than the previous Springbank 10, spice, a general sweetness akin to white sugar.

Impressive! Tastes great, good body, variety. I feel there is a good balance of complexity and practicality. Tastes aren't too strong in any direction and gives you the feeling of an amazing daily sipper. One of the few Glenmornagies that tastes great and has a non-sweet foundation. The bottle design is pretty cool too, but horrible when taking pictures in dark bars. Had this at @wood_side_bar in Seomyeon, Busan.
Note: I've had Signet before, but back then I thought it was too sweet. Time changed my palate.

Grade: B+

Whiskyanalysis.com, 8.97 ± 0.38 on 21 reviews
Whiskyfun.com, Serge, sgp:531, 87 points
Whiskynotes, Ruben Luyten, 88/100
Thewhiskeywash, Joshua St. John, 97/100
Bestshotwhiskyreviews, Jan van den Ende, 86
Whisky advocate, John Hansell, 88 points
ISC 2017 Gold Medal
IWC 2016 Whisky of the Year


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