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Glenglassaugh Revival, 46% abv.


Glenglassaugh Revival, 46% abv.

The Revival is considered the first original release from the new Glenglassaugh after it was acquired by the Scaent Group. They released some older casks which did very well on the open market. This bottling is not one of those older batches. The Revival is the first of a 3 bottle series, the Evolution (matured in Tennessee bourbon barrels) which was released one year after Revival, and Torfa (peated Glenglassaugh) which was released one year after Evolution. For Revival, the ageing process is a little interesting. Essentially a vatting of ex-red wine and fresh bourbon casks was matured for 6 more months in supposedly first fill Oloroso sherry butts.

Nose: burnt cherries, burnt oranges, old oranges, caramelized brown sugar, a sting of some intense sherry, slight chemical aromas almost like mellowed pinesol, treated pine, the earth in a large green forest. Adding 4 drops of water allows the honey notes to come out, some pungent sour apples.

Palate: old spiced wood, very earthy, very faint coal smoke flavors, the color brown comes to mind though. Adding 4 drops of water makes it more sharp in the sense that I feel the flavors are pricking my senses, wood and earth are more concentrated and focused, some black pepper, dried beans from legumes.

Finish: moderate to long, earthy. A sort of cooking spice permeates my mouth to make the finish feel longer.

The flavor is a little strange, reminds me of a super subdued Balcones Baby Blue (which I thought was weird). Alot of sharp, impulsive flavors revolving around wood, earth, the hotter spices, and chemicals. Out of the 3, this is the worst.

Grade: C

Whiskyfun.com, Serge, sgp:452, 75 points
Malt maniacs, 76 points on 3 reviews
Thewhiskyphiles, Barry Bradford, 83/100
Thewhiskeywash, Joshua St. John, 87/100
Whisky advocate, Gavin Smith, 82 points
Lawhiskeysociety, average, C- on 3 reviews


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Eric Yee

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