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Glendronach, 8 Years Old, The Hielan', 46% abv.


Glendronach 8 the hielan', 46% abv.
The hielan', or Highland, is a vatt of ex-bourbon and sherry casks.

Nose: intense, immature sherry, immature oak, cough syrup, slightly herbal, light notes of honey.
Palate: spicey, mostly wood, a little watery, not light, slight chocolate. Tastes young. Can't seem to maintain its own flavor profile.
Finish: short, light, alochol burn.

Tastes like a very young whisky and isn't very good at it, although I'll admit it has elements to its form. Just thr combinations are really bad. Couldn't tell it was sherry influenced, but then again what would one expect after 8 years? Not good. I know I'm not a GD fan, but even I didn't expect GD to release something like this. Tastes like chemicals more immature than modern Johnnie Walker Red.

Grade: F


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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