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GlenDronach, 21 Years Old, Parliament


GlenDronach 21 Parliament.
Juice aged in oloroso and PX casks, and named after a parliament of rooks that live in the trees near GlenDronach.
Nose: honey, super sherry, super PX, complex and meaty.
Palate: light, notes of sherry, general hints of raisins and ginger sweetness. No smoke, nothing vegetative.
Finish: short, notes of honey.
My tasting has it slightly better than the revival 15. Not much body, not much flavor, lacks complexity, not memorable. Unfortunately, other than the complex nose, another GlenDronach disappointment. I am beginning to think either many people on IG use the term "sherry bomb" very liberally, this bar has strange bottles, or my tongue is retarded.... or maybe all 3?!?! Perhaps GlenDronach doesn't age well? Open bottle effects? I suspect most people wouldn't know since they would've finished their "sherry bomb" bottle? This August 2017 tasting was the first time I tried Parliament. To be honest, by itself it's not bad as a sipper. My GlenDronach bandwagon quest continues.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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