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Glen Scotia Double Cask, 46% abv.


Glen Scotia Double Cask, 46% abv.

From the redesigned Glen Scotia of the Loch Lomond group. This double cask version is initially finished in first fill Bourbon barrels and then finished for an additional 6 months in refill PX sherry casks.

Nose: honey, sweet ginger, after a few sips wax appears.

Palate: wood, spice, hints of young tofu.

Finish: moderate, sweet, hints of young tofu.

It's not bad, revolves around honey and wood, nothing too intense, but very consistent solid flavors. Couldn't tell it's a sherry cask or a standard bourbon cask. The Campbeltowns continue to strikeout for me. Had this at Bar Feather, Seoul, South Korea.

Grade: C

Whiskyfun.com, Serge Valentin, sgp:461, 78 points
Whisky advocate, Gavin Smith, 84 points
Whiskynotes, Ruben Luyten, 80/100
Lawhiskeysociety, average, B on 2 reviews


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