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Fuji Gotemba 25 Year Old, Small Batch, 46% abv.



Fuji Gotemba 25yo, Small batch, 46% abv.

Single grain distillery exclusive bottle. Normal people can't get in. Wild turkey casks.

Nose: intense sweetness, vanilla, frosting, the sweeter herbs, sour toast, very nice grain whisky.

Palate: medium body, dry, initial palate is very sugary sweet, mid palate has so much candy, a dirty vanilla, plum, coconut candy, becomes powedered candy later, sweet thai curry, back palate showcases more desserts, frosting. It's obviously grain but the approach is quite different and I can't seem to pinpoint the source of that difference.

Finish: short to medium, dry, residual milk coconut candy, light vanilla, mostly frosting type flavors.

This one is quite sweet, full of vanilla and toast. There is something different about this grain relative to other grains (I am comparing to Cambus, Cameronbridge, Girvan) that adds an extra element in there. Like it and can't wait to see what other wonderful aged grains are in the future.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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