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Eigashima 7 Year Old, d.2009, KINKO Selected Release, Bourbon Barrel, 56% abv.



Eigashima Ryo 7yo, d.2009, KINKO Selected Release, Bourbon barrel, 56% abv.

KINKO is a shop in southern Kyushu if I remember correctly. They do a few barrel selections from time to time. Interesting story, google/note bottle number 45. Is being sold online for £300 (you gotta see the description, repetitive superficial poetry), but sold for £250 on secondary in 2021.

Nose: vanilla, toast, standard honey, light fresh peppers, subtle berries, light grapes.

Palate: medium body, initial palate has grapes, syrup, mid palate gets spicey, a light bitter sourdough bread, a sort of light bitter medicine, hints of herbal sherry which get stronger with each sip, back palate shows faint vanilla, grape jelly, the syrup sweetness returns.

Finish: short, light grape syrup, light toasted fruits, baked leaves, the non-sweet portions of a light sherry finish.

Nothing special unfortunately and didn't seem to show traditional bourbon barrel flavors. Aromas were typical bourbon barreled Scotch. Sherry elements seemed to show up much later in the tasting... but it's a bourbon barrel? Profile seemed to show familiar yet disparate elements.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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