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Dry Fly Straight Wheat, aged 3 years, 45% abv.


Dry Fly Straight Wheat, aged 3 years, 45% abv.

I've had the cask strength version several months prior and didn't think too highly of it, could have been a bad bottle. I'll repeat, the South Korean distributor for Dry Fly did a good job, as I've seen it in most bars here. However, every bar owner has said it was very expensive and wasn't selling.

Nose: moderate levels of honey, syrup, after a few sips cocount.

Palate: wood, some air in there, light notes of sweetness, low levels of wood. After a few sips, the bitter wood is more prevalent and the sweet honey notes take a back seat, bit vanilla and coconut flavors pop up.

Finish: moderate, peanuts, wood.

An interesting wheat bourbon, especially that finish, but generally light to moderate honey. I felt its too young, lacked balance and body. I understand wheaters are hard to properly produce, but man... could have done better. Had this at @wood_side_bar in Seomyeon, Busan.

Grade: C-

Whisky advocate, Lew Bryson, 85 point


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