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Compass Box Oak Cross, 43% abv.


Compass Box Oak Cross, 43% abv.

This release from Compass Box is supposedly composed of 60% Clynelish, 20% Dailuaine, and 20% Teaninich. The American and French oak barrels used and the maturation process seems quite complicted, which is the basis for the name, a blend of oaks.

Nose: wine grapes.

Palate: sour notes, wood, slight grape juice. After a few sips the vanilla notes pop up making it more sweet.

Finish: short to moderate, cooling effect, not much in flavors.

This one was strange. Had a mostly sour theme to the flavor profile, although the aromas were quite direct and nice. If you like sour based blends, this is for you. Had this at The Vault at Miro, Los Angeles, USA.

Grade: C-

Whiskyanalysis.com, 8.66 ± 0.29 on 15 reviews
Thewhiskeywash, Joshua St. John, 82/100
Thewhiskeyjug, Josh Peters, 87/100
Whisky advocate, Jonny McCormick, 90 points


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