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Chichibu 3 Year Old, 2011-2015, Imperial Stout Barrel no. 3292, Tipple Barley, 261 bottles, 57.6% abv.



Bottled for the 2015 Chichibu Whisky Matsuri. I suspect I will like this as I tend to prefer these beer barreled whiskies. Not sure why the general opinion is not favorable towards beer barreled Chichibu, but I noticed that many of the people that do like beer barreled Japanese whisky are the ones that are above average in pre-modern Japanese whisky, or just premium whisky, consumption.

Nose: wow really does smell like beer, although more like a light lager or ale than a stout, malt, fermented peaches, a background of syrup.

Palate: medium bodied, initial palate is a wrap around taffy candy, cotton candy, and slightly bitter vegetables, mid palate has a very taffy like sweetness with peaches, canned apricots, plums, light brown sugar, back palate tastes like peach or apricot flavored beer. After awhile, the stone fruit become overwhelming.

Finish: medium to long, peaches and apricots again.

Haha this was a funny one. It was obviously a beer influenced malt, but surprised that peaches and apricots showed up. With time the peaches and apricots dominate. Very well done and unique in a world of vanilla and sherry... will probably grade more on that. Even though relatively unpopular, look at that community score on Whiskybase!, this bottling goes crazy on secondary!


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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