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Chichibu, 2012-2018, Ichiro's Malt, Bottled for Shinanoya 200th Bottling, Ex Peated bourbon barrel no. 2113, 40/199, 64.1% abv.



This was my last bottle for the night in 2018. It was the usual epic tasting.

Nose: major toast, burnt vanilla, chocolate covered sour fruits, a few lesser aromas here and there that revolve around fruit and vegetation.

Palate: very dry, full bodied, complex, initial palate is a very sharp sweetness, mid palate presents a variety of flavors with some complexity revolving around orchard fruits and sweet malt, many red fruits, baked wood, buttered toast, a little spicey but can't tell if its the dryness, back palate has a buttery baked fruit profile, like baked apple pie with malt. Interestingly, the mid and back palate are perfumic. Not sure where the peat was... beginning to suspect the 1950s black dumpy HP I just had is probably throwing me off.

Finish: short to medium, wood juice, burnt chocolate, burnt coffee, with time I am getting peaches. The oiliness lasts forever though.

This one is quite potent and super dry. Quite complex and many unexpected flavors, I'm at a loss of words. I can register a variety of flavors, but many are temporary and hard to identify for me. Perhaps the 50s Highland Park Dumpy I just had is still throwing me off. Generally standard fruit with that extra peach flavor that reveals itself at different points. This one was like a Chichibu with Irish whisky in there. Even though it was very confusing and complex, it was tasty and the quality was obvious.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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