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BenRiach 1977 Sauternes Finish, 34 years, Sauternes Barrel No. 2593, 56/278, 44.2% abv.

This one is from batch 9 of the BenRiach single cask range.

Nose: dry old raisins, young tofu, green and red grapes, old apricots, old guava, that old version of that little old apricot like chinese fruit.

Palate: oily, some wood, light fruit, generally sweet and sour.

Finish: short, old tofu, spice hits the end.

Dry glass: very waxy.

Not as intense as other Benriachs, more on "low" flavors such as a light version of concentrated honey, has a sweet and sour favor to it. The least enjoyable of the old Benriachs I've had on this trip to Japan. Got really distracted on this pour.

Grade: B+


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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