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Akashi 5 Year Old, 2005-2010, 1st Cask American White Oak Hogshead : 2nd Cask Spanish Oak Sherry Butt, 77/102, 59% abv.



Peated to 3.5 ppm. I believe Stefan introduced this bottling (as well as the grey counterpart) as the motivation or beginning of the ghost stories/series? Someone correct me please!

Nose: a lot of plastic vanilla, white sugar powder, turns into a sour smoke, but after a while it becomes a sort of cinnamon graham spice with metallic smoke.

Palate: slightly dry, initial palate is floral honey with typical malt, no fruits, but a hint of metal, mid palate has more honey but a light smoke residue on metal, is this peated? back palate shows more peat, is this peated?... I asked Sir Stefan and he said yes, it is lightly peated. My senses are still good.

Finish: short to medium, slightly dry, slight metallic smoke residue, gets a little sour.

Interesting to see such a peaty influence at such low levels. Interesting story.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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