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Akashi, 2013-2017, Bottled for Tokyo Bar Show 2017, Bourbon cask no. 101226, 017/322, 61% abv.



Eigashima distillery is primarily a sake and shochu producer in the city of Akashi. They made the White Oak distillery in 1984 and installed equipment that allowed them to produce whisky with their imported Scottish malt, however there are rumors that they plan on using locally sourced ingredients. Akashi, as well as Eigashima, has always been controversial with all sorts of issues, such as being Japanese or not and mixing liquors and calling it whisky.

Nose: stone fruits, light salt, good perfume. Looks promising, sort of.

Palate: medium body, initial palate is crystalized sugar, spicey, mid palate is quite spicey, wood, malt, raw oak, like boring wood, little bit of coconut, light vanilla, virgin oak, tart, bitterness, tannic, back palate has wood, stone fruits, spice. It's so complicated, it's simple.

Finish: dull stone fruits, wood, burnt vines.

Wow, wtf, I could feel the spice throughout. Perhaps too much intensity, a good amount of dull fruits in the later half, but tooooo much wood and tannins at the end. Spice distracts. Couldn't say it was enjoyable, but it wasn't bad.


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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