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Aberlour 15, Select Cask Reserve, 43% abv.


Aberlour 15, Select Cask Reserve, 43% abv.

This bottling of bourbon and sherry casks was originally for the French market, where Aberlour is quite popular.

Nose: strong sherry, raisins, honey, hair spray.

Palate: sherry, wood, honey, red apples at the backend, very short and less intense flavors of old steamed lotus leaves. After 4 drops of water, its definitely more sweet, wood is more focused.

Finish: moderate, a little bit of spice, light hints of sweet apple juice.

Pretty good, the sherry influence is strong but not too intense, and all the other tasting apsects are accotriments to the base sherry influence. The nose is quite nice as well. I wish it was a little more complex and perhaps another abv. Aberlour is doing very well in my book. Had this at Slainte mhath bar in Busan, South Korea.

Grade: B-


Image courtesy of Eric Yee.


Eric Yee

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