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Top Berlin Bar WAX ON To Take Over Cat Bite Club Singapore: 15 April 2024



If you're a fan of world-class cocktails and happen to be in Singapore on Monday night (15 April) there's something special happening at Duxton's Cat Bite Club.

Wax On Berlin, the celebrated German bar known for its innovative takes on classic cocktails, is taking over Cat Bite Club. Led by owner Sam Orrock and bar manager Johanna Schnotale, Wax On has taken the bar scene by storm with their unique approach of reinterpreting familiar drinks with cutting-edge techniques and unexpected ingredients. Think peanut butter and strawberry in an Old Fashioned, or a mezcal-based Gimlet infused with lemon verbena and vetiver.  This meticulous approach and innovative spirit landed them a coveted spot at #29 on The World's 50 Best Bars list in 2023 – they're officially one of the best bars in the world.

Cat Bite Club is one of Singapore's most exciting new openings, entirely dedicated to the wonders of agave and rice spirits (think tequila, mezcal, soju, and more). This guest shift promises to be a fascinating collision of worlds! Wax On's owner and bar manager will be behind the stick on Monday 15th April from 8 pm shaking up their signature drinks until supplies run out.

Expect Wax On's meticulous approach to delicious cocktails. This is definitely a night to ditch those usual orders and get adventurous. If you love discovering some boundary-pushing mixology from a top bar, don't miss this event!


88 Bamboo Editorial Team