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Quaich Bar Avant-garde Launches Renowned Irish Craft Cider In Singapore!


Quaich Bar Avant-garde of the well-known Quaich Bar family of specialist whisky bars and retail stores is dipping its toes into an interesting category that is sure to excite and intrigue Singaporean cider lovers. 

Killahora Orchards, located in Cork, Ireland, is an award-winning craft producer of high quality ciders, apple wines and pear-based alcoholic products that has been increasingly fashionable across Ireland and Europe. The brand showcases the rich agricultural heritage of Ireland while also pushing the boundaries of fruit-based fermentations.

Among their offerings are rare apple ice wines, premium ciders made from unique apple varieties, and pommeaus (a type of apple brandy). 



While the ciders and apple wines were a more recent development started by cousins Barry Walsh and Dave Watson, the Orchard itself has over 200 years of history and was founded in the Cork area way back in 1750. The land itself is south-facing, which provides the perfect environmental conditions for growing an orchard. Cider has been made in this region since medieval times.  

The Orchard currently grows over 150 varieties of cider apples and 50 varieties of perry pears. These fruits differ from native Irish varieties and were sourced from Austria, France, USA, UK, Switzerland and even Kazakhstan – offering a base to create some unique flavours in ciders and apple wines.

Killahora Orchards is known for combining traditional techniques with modern innovation to produce their award-winning beverages. The Killahora team employs age-old methods dating back to medieval times to create full-flavoured ciders. One example is the use of wild fermentation from naturally occurring yeasts found on the fruit. The team also explores new and interesting techniques, such as barrel aging and the use of specific vintages. 



Quaich Bar Avant-garde would be bringing in 4 product lines from Killahora. They include:

  • Killahora Bottle Conditioned (Pet-Nat) Dry Bittersweet Cider: A wild, dry cider aged in a Pom’O Cask for an irresistible depth of flavour.
  • Killahora Pom’O Apple Aperitif: A special edition Pom’O matured in Roe & Co Irish Whiskey casks.
  • Killahora Rare Apple Ice Wine: The award-winning Ice Wine crafted from rare, bittersweet apple varieties from Killahora's historic 200-year-old orchards.
  • Killahora Fine Perry: A lightly sparkling masterpiece made from perry pear varieties meticulously bred since the 17th century. 



Head down to Quaich Bar Avant-garde at Singapore's Southbeach Avenue for your fix of whiskies and apple cider now!


88 Bamboo Editorial Team