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Naturæ Gin Shines at Italian Food and Wine Week in Singapore


Singapore, January 2024 - Naturæ Gin, the Italian brand known for its quality and unique botanicals blend, marked a significant milestone at the recent Italian Food and Wine Week (IFWW) held in Singapore. The culmination of this event was a dynamic B2B presentation at Suntec on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2024.



This event stands as a cornerstone in Naturæ Gin's venture into the Southeast Asian markets, transcending its Italian origin. The bustling week in Singapore provided an invaluable opportunity to interface with local and international Beverage industry professionals from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, India and Vietnam.

The heartening response received from industry experts and enthusiasts alike has fortified Naturæ Gin's commitment to delivering a product that harmoniously marries the essence of English gin with the soul of Italian craftsmanship and botanicals. Attendees not only had the chance to experience the exceptional quality of Naturæ Gin but also contributed valuable feedback, consistently echoing positive sentiments.



As we step into the next phase, our focus is on delving even deeper into introducing the brand, unraveling its layers, and communicating the nuanced quality and versatility that defines Naturæ Gin. The journey has just begun, and we look forward to making our mark in the dynamic and diverse markets of Southeast Asia.

Naturæ Gin is an exploration of flavors, blending the time-honored craft of English gin with the distinctive botanicals of Italy. With roots in both traditions, Naturæ Gin aims to redefine the gin experience, bringing together the best of two worlds.


Carlo De Filippo
Export manager & Co-Owner
@Naturaegin | Official Website