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Discover The New 'Bartenders Choice of Cocktails' Menu at Club 5 At Park Royal Singapore


Club 5, a retro-themed cocktail bar located at the Park Royal Hotel in Singapore, invites you to experience a taste of the 1920s Art Deco glamour with their new cocktail menu!

Established in 1986 and revamped in 2020, this venue was originally a ballroom dancing club, but was transformed into a polished space with brass finishes, marble flooring, retro lighting fixtures and plush vintage leather and velvet furniture. The atmosphere echoes the indulgence of a bygone era. The cocktail menu, inspired by the culturally rich neighbourhoods of Singapore, features three signature collections: Beach Road, Bugis Junction, and Arab Street.



This year, Head Bartender Richard Li, along with his talented colleagues Rino and Amy, are excited to unveil their new "Bartenders’ Choice of Cocktails" menu. This selection showcases each bartender's personal taste and outlook on life through inventive and carefully crafted cocktail:

Choco Sesame by Head Bartender Richard Li


A daring Martini riff that blends chocolate and sesame to challenge the conventional cocktail scene. Crafted with gin, vodka, sesame infusion, and chocolate nib, this drink embodies the cosmopolitan essence of Kampong Glam. The chocolate represents Western indulgence, while the sesame infusion pays homage to Eastern traditions.

Richard Li, known for his outgoing and passionate nature, enjoys creating avant-garde and experimental drinks that are sure to intrigue.

Rum Banana Old Fashioned by Bartender Rino


Rino, the voice of reason and the one you'd find engaging in meaningful conversations over drinks, presents a unique twist on the classic Old Fashioned. Combining premium rum, banana saccharum, and bitters, this cocktail nods to the historical spice trade routes that once defined the region. It's a bold and balanced creation, reflecting Rino's preference for drinks that embody both characteristics.

Hawthorn by Bartender Amy 


Amy, always the life of the party and known for her cheeky and adventurous spirit, mixes premium gin with herbs and hawthorn. This cocktail pays tribute to the diverse cultural influences of the local Singaporean neighbourhood, with gin at the forefront, complemented by herbal nuances and the subtle sweetness of hawthorn.

These three innovative concoctions their skilled bartenders will be joining a lineup of four existing cocktails.

Chrysanthemum is a floral cocktail that combines the smoothness of white Vermouth with a herbal infusion that brings out the nuanced aromas of star anise.

Kaya Pandan is a tribute to Singapore's traditional flavours, a vibrant mix of white rum, pandan syrup, with orange and citrus brightening the drink.

Okinawa Winter Flower goes into the floral landscapes of Japan with Roku gin, roselle, gingerflower and citrus. 

Fizzy Tiger is a playful blend that marries Hendricks gin with pumpkin and Tiger beer, topped off with a silky foam for an indulgent mouthfeel.

The new cocktail menu is a narrative of personal journeys and cultural homages. Do make your reservations at Club 5 to explore these unique creations and the stories behind them.

Selfie Promotion

To make your visit even more special, Club 5 has an exciting offer for the month of February.

Here's how you can participate in this promotion:–

1. Take a selfie with any bartender
2. Post a story on your social media platform and tag @club5sg
3. Follow/Like Club 5 social media pages
4. Receive a complimentary* signature cocktail from the bartender of your choice.

Remember, this promotion is valid for the month of February, so don't miss your chance to participate!


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