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Join A Cocktail-Infused Art Experience – 'A Conversation Of Birds' With Pakat Singapore: 16 & 17 March 2024


Here's exciting news for cocktail and art enthusiasts! Pakat Singapore, a brilliant initiative by local artists to foster interdisciplinary art projects among creatives from diverse fields, is hosting a unique event you won't want to miss. "A Conversation of Birds" – an art and cocktail appreciation exhibition will be taking place on 16 and 17 March 2024.

This exhibition is set to be an eclectic mix of live poetry reading, floral sculpturing, mixology, video art, interactive installations and visual art. Each piece and performance is thoughtfully curated to explore the theme of Birds.


Amongst the creatives present at the event is poet Yong Shu Hoong who has published several poetry collections that have won the Singapore Literature Prize. Yong teaches at Nanyang Technological University (Source: Singapore Book Council)


Award-winning poet Yong Shu Hoong will captivate you with live readings of his poetry, while floral sculptor Reuben Li will showcase a stunning sculpture and treat participants to a live demonstration of his arrangement skills using botanical ingredients. For those who love a good cocktail, mixologist Steve Dixon will be screening three video artworks and serving up a flight of 4 cocktails. Hairstylist Chester Wong will be inviting guests to contribute to an interactive artwork, ensuring you leave your mark on the event.

And to top it all off, conceptual artists Fiona Koh and Warren Khong will display their visual and text-based artworks, adding another layer of depth to this artistic exploration.


Artists Warren Khong and Fiona Koh interpreting their works to participants during Neat Work,  a separate art and spirits appreciation event.


This 2-hour event will happen on March 16, Saturday at 7:30pm, and March 17, Sunday at 3:00pm, at 29A Seah Street Singapore 188385. Tickets are priced at an early bird discount of S$48, and if you decide to make a spontaneous decision at the door, they're $58.

Click here to purchase tickets.

So, why wait? Book your tickets now to experience the magic of "A Conversation of Birds" for a boozy enriching weekend date of art and cocktails. See you there!


88 Bamboo Editorial Team