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Sawaya Matsumoto Shuhari ID Series

Had this as part of @mtrsake’s Sake Scholar Course and by far is my fave from our tasting list!

The ID Series was bottled to showcase terroir. It is labeled with different IDs to indicate which plot of land the rice is grown from. Not just any rice - it is Grade A Yamadanishiki from Hyogo prefecture.

Taste wise, it was a very nice blend of sweetness and slight bitterness. You can taste the fruits in these. It was juicy with a hint of minerals at the finish. I loved the fine bubbles (not sparkling). It’s my first time experiencing such fine bubble capture! Definitely going to follow this series closely.

Brewery: Matsumoto Shuzo
Origin: Kyoto
Polishing Ratio: Undisclosed
Rice: Hyogo Yamadanishiki

Image Courtesy of @SippingOnSake
🍶 Sake girl from Singapore 🙋🏼‍♀️
🍶 Certified Sake Sommelier (SSA)
🍶 Sake Scholar