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Joppari Ginjo, Rokka Shuzo



[ Joppari Ginjo ]

Always keen to try sake from the Tohoku snow region. This sake from Aomori is slightly dry & well balanced. It has a nice, short finish and very easy to drink. 2 of us polished it off in less than an hour!

Joppari is a Tsugaru dialect word that means "stubborn". Apparently in the olden days, local sake in the Tohoku region was predominantly rich and sweet. Joppari, a dry sake, was born from a stubborn desire to turn their backs on the trend and create a sake that is unique to Rokka Sake Brewery.

Brewery: Rokka Shuzo
Origin: Aomori
Polishing Rate: 60%


Image Courtesy of @SippingOnSake
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