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Ishizuchi Ginjo Natsugin

Ishizuchi makes 90% of its sake at a premium grade so it was interesting to try their Ginjo label. This was especially brewed for the summer hence “Natsu” which means summer in Japanese.

On the label it states Yamadanishiki (20%) and Matsuyamamii (80%) with different polishing ratios. I suspect that Yamadanishiki was used for the Koji rice and Matsuyamamii for the main mash.

Clean tasting with nice melons on the palate. A light sake. It has a tartness to it, likely due to the brewer’s alcohol present in most non-Junmai sake.

Brewery: Ishizuchi Shuzo
Origin: Ehime
Polishing Ratio: Yamadanishiki (50%), Matsuyamamii (60%)
Rice: Yamadanishiki (20%), Matsuyamamii (80%)
Yeast: Ambient brewery yeast
SMV: +3.5

Image Courtesy of @SippingOnSake
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