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Fusion Raifuku x Fermier “Vanilla Beans”

One of the bottles that have truly impressed me. I love the spirit of innovation in brewers and once in awhile they come up with something brilliant. A collaboration between sake brewery Raifuku and winery Fermier - this sake was stored in a red wine barrel for 420 days. Only 300 bottles were produced (24 are available in Singapore).

I could taste a lot of oak from the barrel finish, and as a whisky lover I was delighted. It does not overpower the sake and blends in well. You can also taste the sweetness of the wine and there were flavours I’ve never had before from a bottle of sake. Will definitely keep an eye out for the other fusion labels.

Brewery: Raifuku (Ibaraki) x Fermier (Niigata)
Polishing Ratio: 62%
Rice: Dewasansan

Image Courtesy of @SippingOnSake
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