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Uitvlugt 1989, Port Mourant, Guyana, 31 Years Old, 50.8% ABV, Nobilis Rum


In part two of my @nobilisrum tasting, we look at the Uitvlugt 1989 from the Port Mourant double wooden vat still, a single cask aged for 31 years and bottled at 50.8% abv with 219 bottles produced.

The nose is just such a treat, rich, rounded, almost syrup-like, with notes of coffee, red dates, a hint of sulphur or in a way similar to hard-boiled egg yolks. There is a fresher side to it too, peckham pears, caramel, a slight savouriness and soy sauce, as well as mild varnish notes.

On the palate, the PM falters in its structure as its flavours don’t hold as well as they should, and its texture was thinner than I would’ve liked. Iodine and leather upfront, liquorice, menthol, dry, tannic, hints of grapes and plums. You do notice the wood on the sides but it isn’t too much to bear. The finish is of a medium length, dry with a hint of spiciness, but sweeter than the initial palate, with notes of coffee, milk chocolate, cane sugar, and some red and purple fruits, dried raisins and just hint of sulphur.

This is one that is rather divisive, because while I really liked many aspects of the palate, the weakness in its structure was rather disappointing. However in terms of flavours, it is pleasant and trends towards a sweeter profile which reminds me of the PMs of old.



Image Courtesy of @weixiang_liu


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