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The Colours of Rum: Caroni 1998 Impressions No. 1 & Hampden 1990 Impression No. 2



It has been awhile but I finally found the time to head down to @maison_du_whisky_singapore to sample two very special bottles by @the_colours_of_rum that I had missed during @whiskylivesingapore:

• Caroni 1998 Impressions No. 1, selected by @stefano__caroni
• Hampden 1990 Impressions No. 2, selected for LMDW New Vibrations

The Caroni was a rather pleasant dram, slightly atypical without being too heavy on the tar and petrol, while carrying some surprisingly nutty notes. It was a good thing that they bottled it last year too as I could tell that the wood and oaky notes were starting to creep in.

The Hampden undoubtedly was a huge ester bomb, with the 1990 being of the C<>H marque. Those ripe mangoes, bananas, even that little hint of vomit, all the characteristics of Hampden rums were right there, well balanced, and a perfect one for the high ester rum lovers.


Image Courtesy of @weixiang_liu


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