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Port Mourant 1975, 32 Years Old, Berry Bros and Rudd, 46% ABV, Guyana

On to another of my favourite demerara vintages - the Port Mourant 1975 from Berry Bros and Rudd, bottled in 2007 (32 years old) at an abv of 46%, and the number of bottles produced is unknown.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

There is a substantial amount of depth and complexity in the nose, beginning with that familiar anise of Port Mourants, coupled with spicy white peppercorns. Also present are leather and liquorice, and recurring wafts of dried prunes. Richer notes of coffee and ripe red cherries also surface when it is left to breathe.

The initial palate was oily, savoury, not unlike olives in brine. Soon after were notes of leather and hints of iodine that thankfully faded as quickly as they appeared, giving way to fruitier notes of sultanas and vanilla. The finish is a tad tannic and dry, sour wood overlapping with sweet marzipan, and long lingering prunes that is so distinctive of Port Mourants of the 70s.

Interestingly, the BBR Port Mourant 1975 was quite different from its 40 year old brothers from Kingsbury and Black Tot. The difference of 8-9 years in aging was telling - the BBR was fresher, anise notes were stronger, highlighting its continental aging as many of the younger Port Mourants do.

Truth be told I am not a fan of wholly continentally aged demeraras; they lack that big, rounded profile that gives demerara rums that extra character and mouthfeel. But thankfully Port Mourants of the 70s, including this BBR bottling, were distilled much differently from their younger counterparts, with a fuller and richer profile that brings notes of purple fruits and sultanas, balancing against the spices and anise, and as a result producing an well balanced demerara for the ages.


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