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L’esprit Single Cask Rum distilled at “A Jamaican Distillery” - Worthy Park (10 years)


Background: I was looking at an online store selling colheitas when I came across this. Turns out they have a decent rum selection too. Pulled the trigger without much deliberation because, well, the lockdown sucks and I need more rum-therapy. Also, I have never tried an aged Worthy Park, so why not?

Nose: more subtle than what I would expect from a Jamaican; peanut sauce; dark molasses; marzipan; baklava; varnish; cola; some dirty vegetal funk, like a typical agricole note; honey perfume, which over time, gets more floral; mint grape candy; flambeed bananas; briny Jamaican funk in the background; raisin and almond notes emerge after a long exposure to air.

Palate: oh this is sweet, with an oily mouthfeel; stewed fruits and pastries -- like an apple pie; some sour fruits, slightly pungent, perhaps overripe mangoes; hogo flanked by charred wood; banana cake, fresh from the oven; chocolate-flavoured almond milk.

Finish: mint; that grape finish found in many cognacs; bananas foster; roasted almonds; dark chocolate; butterscotch.

Conclusion: light on the funk, yet infinitely drinkable. A dessert rum in the vein of this Hampden. The dark bananas here is the yin to the Hampden’s yang of funky mangoes, even though there is no analogue here to the Hampden's earthiness and its dirty industrial funk. Now I really want to know how a high-ester marque from Worthy Park would perform at cask-strength after over a decade in the cask.

Score (assuming a normal distribution with mean 50): 86/100


Image Courtesy of u/zoorado