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Habitation Velier Monymusk 2010 EMB (9 years)


Background: this is an impulse buy I made when browsing my favourite craft beer shop. I had forgotten my disappointing run-in with a Monymusk some time ago, and when I finally recalled it, I was already home with the purchase. With trepidation and barely-cogent mumblings of second chances, I uncorked the bottle and poured myself a glass on that same night.

Nose: phew, this is not all camphor and incense like the other one; dried tangerine peel; candied orange; marzipan; butter cookies; blackforest cake; aniseed; the camphor finally makes an appearance, though thankfully it does not take centre stage; dark fruits and currants, both fresh and dried; fresh sugarcane coated in molasses; liquorice; new mahogany furniture; leather car seats.

Palate: spicy and drying entry; wood and camphor dominates the front palate; salty liquorice; molasses; stewed apple; Luxardo cherry; Christmas cake; maple syrup; ginger candy; grape-flavoured mints.

Finish: medium in length; chocolate; liquorice; blackforest cake; brown sugar, menthol and more maraschino cherries are found in the aftertaste.

Conclusion: from my admittedly limited experience with Monymusk, the esters in its rums seem to manifest as camphor and menthol notes in the nose and palate. These notes are present here, but they are balanced by the sweetness of fruits and desserts. Unlike some other rums from Habitation Velier, this one hides its youth very well. The alcohol is well-integrated, the wood is prominent, and there is a nice harmony to the different flavours. Perhaps only the lack of rancio can give away its age. Not the most cerebral drink, but very good indeed. Also, I can see it being one of the most addictive rums I own.

Score (assuming a normal distribution with mean 50): 86/100


Image Courtesy of u/zoorado