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Enmore 1988 32-year-old, Versailles Still AWM, Single Cask, Guyana, Bottled by Nobilis Rum, 50% ABV


In the last of my @nobilisrum review, we take a look at release no.5 - the single cask Enmore 1988 32-year-old, distilled from the Versailles still with the AWM marque, with 126 bottles produced at an abv of 50%.

The AWM marque is rather a mystery; it isn’t a production marque from Diamond Distillery, nor is it one of the broker marques that are commonly associated with demerara rums. Aside from this, the only other AWM rum was too from the 1988 vintage bottled by Cadenhead’s in 2007.

This has a very unique nose, it kind of reminds you of a continentally aged demerara, and at the same time it does not. The pencil shavings are clearly there, but while you’d expect something bright, perhaps sharp even, this one has a good mellow about it, honey, floral, chamomile tea, a bit of eucalyptus. Then there is an aspect of fruitiness to it, pineapples, red apples, light cinnamon, actually much like a freshly baked apple pie.

On the palate, a rather fresh dram with a light body that reminds you of spring, with a subtle sweetness around it, malty, slight iodine and those sweaty notes for a lack of a better way of describing it. I really liked the balance of it. The leather kicks in the finish, long and lingering with hay, honey, yellow sultanas, and a bit of plastics.

The 1988 AWM is one that I think would appeal to whisky drinkers most because of that sweet, floral, and malty profile. It was also one that I quite enjoyed for a continentally aged demerara that was not too dominant on the leather or sweaty notes that at times simply overpowers everything else.


Image Courtesy of @weixiang_liu


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