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El Dorado Grand Special Reserve 1966, 50 Years Old, 43% ABV, Guyana

An absolute privilege to have tasted El Dorado Rums’ 50th Anniversary Grand Special Reserve at Origin Bar, a rum to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Guyana’s independence in 1966, with 600 bottles bottled at an abv of 43%.


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

Based on information from El Dorado themselves and The Whisky Exchange, it is a rum blend aged between 33 and 50 tropical years: 65% distilled in 1966, 25% between 1966 and 1976, and 10% comes from 1983. In addition, these rums carry the many demerara marques that are so highly sought after, including the Skeldon, Albion and La Bonne Intention from the French Savalle stills, and distillates from the Port Mourant still, and a discontinued John Dore pot still.

In terms of notes, the 50 years of tropical aging has made it well-rounded, bold, but not overbearing. In actual fact it comes across surprisingly young for its age, to which I wonder whether cask refilling was practised in order to prevent over-maturation. Also, it does carry some interesting flavours that I would not usually associate with demeraras, perhaps even more akin to a Jamaican rum in this instance. Lots of fresh orange peels, tropical fruits in the front palate, and in the finish caramel and milk chocolates. Big thanks to @rumtender!


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