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1998 Enmore and Port Mourant, EHPM, 16 Years Old, Guyana, Velier and Demerara Distillers Ltd, 62.2% ABV

One of the lesser known demerara bottlings from @velierspa, the EHPM 1998 was bottled in July 2014 at the tail-end if Velier’s age of demeraras. While most of the demeraras bottled by Velier then were single marque rums, the last few displayed a more experimental trait, involving a blend of rums from two different stills, married together in the cask from the beginning and aged entirely in the tropics.

The EHPM itself is a blend of rums from the Enmore (EHP) and the double-wooden vat still (PM), with the dominant distillate coming from the Enmore still. The rums were then blended and aged in three separate casks for 16 years with an outturn of 848 bottles at 62.2% abv.

On the nose, there’s something utterly unique about the EHPM, mellow, calm, and smooth, the mark of an old rum that has grown and matured well in its cask. Chestnuts, a bit of varnish, caramel and dried orange peels. After breathing, it opens up to something rather familiar, herbal, grassy, a bit of coffee and milk chocolates, and as it opens further, the smokiness grows to resemble that of a rum aged in a toasted virgin oak cask.

Palate-wise it is sweet with a nice roundness about it. Some of that port mourant freshness and liquorice comes out at the front, but the middle are where the deeper, darker notes of the enmore reveals themselves, grippy, cola, a bit of funk and slight liquorice. The finish is long, a bit of rancio, the charred smokiness returns, raisins, herbal jelly, a slight of wood, but very nice.

This is to me a really good blend, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, thanks to @bob_the_drunker for sharing. So often overlooked as compared to Velier’s earlier bottlings, this one brings a nice range of flavours, rich, intense and complex, certainly up there with some of the great demeraras I’ve tried!

Image Courtesy of @weixiang_liu


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