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1988 Flor de Cana "V Generaciones", 30 Years Old, Nicaragua, 45% ABV

Our rum today is one that has a very special place in Flor de Cana’s range, possibly the only time that Flor de Caña has released a single cask, and one of their oldest rums to celebrate their 130th anniversary since their founding in 1890. Distilled in 1988 and aged entirely in the tropics for 30 years, the rum was then bottled with an outturn of 411 bottles in 2019 at an abv of 45%. Also my special thanks to @pierre_cocktail for such a wonderful gift!


(Image Source: @weixiang_liu)

When nosed, you know immediately that its something special, somewhat bright, reminiscent of a mix between cream soda and sarsaparilla, layered with soft notes of eucalyptus, hibiscus, citrus fruits, and underpinned with a base of thick caramel and vanilla from the bourbon casks. A very warm and inviting dram, and in nowhere does it reveal its 30 years of aging.

Its on the palate where the maturity is more evident, a luscious heavy body, cane sugar sweetness, vanilla and cream soda once again, although dialled down a notch when compared to the nose. It has great structure in my opinion. The finish is long, heavy, quite dry in fact, with slight tobacco and a bit of a sherry-like influence.

Its easy to see why the V Generaciones is Flor de Caña’s most premium rum. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t, bearing all the hallmarks of Flor de Caña, but magnified several times, essentially highlighting the best of Flor de Caña and if they were to bottle more treasures that are currently tucked away in tropical Nicaragua.



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